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El adverbio sic (del latín sic, ‘así’) se utiliza en los textos escritos para indicar que la palabra o frase que lo precede es literal, aunque sea o pueda parecer incorrecta.

La audiencia habla:
"australopithecus / grind orgánico / ritual / produce calor de selva y detonación masiva"
... "me sentí en la selva escuchando MÚSICA DE CAVERNÍCOLAS Y ANIMALES!".



The Latin adverb sic ("thus", in full: sic scriptum erat, "thus it was written") is used in written texts to indicate that the word or phrase that precedes it is literal, no matter is or may appear as incorrect.

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LLORENÇ BARBER: "Salvajemente atractivo y rotundo... claro que con todas las sutilezas propias del caso. Bravo."

sicut nubes, quasi naves, velut umbra

::: ( sic ) :::












August 30, 2013: Bonequi and Ambriz joined forces in one of the most insane projects of the History of Experimental Music in Mexico.

How many duos of extreme vocalists we know from all over the world, who are composing as profound savages, possessed by rituals from the cave, but with the conscious of silence and meditation?

In this sense, Ambriz and Bonequi merge primigenius intuition as a concept of uniqueness and unity from spaceship earth parked on the Devastating Psychological Impact of amoral landscapes... composing reconstructed face cuts of whom invoke timeless miniatures from the instability of gesture... (SIC) aren't mad humanists, they love the world as primitive beings... and as primitive humanoids they shout freedom in no-language and should dream dialects for us while trembling and convulsing mouth noises from antique nonexistent rites.


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(SIC) 20.02.14
(SIC) 09.02.14


Rodrigo Ambriz (1983, vocal improviser & electronics)

Without doubt, one of the most talented vocal performers in Mexico. He has collaborated deeply in the experimental scene in Mexico City with noisers and improvisers from different stylistic contexts includig .RR, Los Heraldos Negros, Juanjose Rivas, Germán Bringas, Fernando Vigueras, Angélica Castelló, Arthur Henry Fork, Eduardo Meléndez, Felix Blume, Alejandro Tux, among others. He has published in labels such as Ruido Horrible, Noxa Recs and Suplex, all in Mexico.

"My way to approach sound is this phonic-waste voragine; grunts, suffocated exhalations, shriekings, whispers, squawks and screams. I'm focused on deconstructing, alter and multiply the phonic material. The first thing that interests me about the voice are the physical sensations that come from manipulating the vocal apparatus, air travel in internal cavities, tremors in different parts of the body, the stresses and strains. All this brings me to a primary state. The voice that exists previous to language. I'm interested in the voice as generator of a constant flow of dizzying associations, the voice that enters in a channel of automatism and glossolalia."


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Bonequi (1974, amplified toy drums & vocals)

Experienced improviser from the relatively "new" wave, growing and expanding its origins and meanings over the last 10 years of experimental music in Mexico. He has been performing widely since 1995. Creator and curator of Audition Records, and transnational documentary platform with more than 93 releases, including historic compilations from Mexico, Vienna, Barcelona, Asia & Africa... Curator at Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum (2014-2015), associate curator of Salon Bruit (Berlin 2012-2014), dissemination of Musicalibre Spanish Association of Improvisers & drums on F.O.C.O. Orchestra ( Madrid 2006-2011)... He has performed under the conduction of William Parker, Eddie Prévost, London Improvisers Orchestra, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, w/ Alex von Schlippenbach, Alison Blunt... and played with musicians such as Vagina Dentata Organ, Paal Nilssen-Love, Joke Lanz, Mat Pogo, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Ratbag, Audrey Chen, Els Vandeweyer, Tristan Honsinger, Ute Wassermann, Hans Tammen, Olaf Rupp, D’incise, Olga Nosova, Olivier di Placido, Dave Tucker, Clayton Thomas, Mario de Vega... and sharing gigs on festivals and european venues with Otomo Yoshihide (Hurta Cordel 2010,International Festival of Improvised Music), Charles Hayward (2012,Ultraspiesser @ NK Berlin)... the mexican tour with MoE ( Guro Moe, Håvard Skaset & Joakim Heibø). In the 90's he was the drummer of the legendary rock in opposition mexican band Decibel, releasing works included in Fiat Lux / The complete recordings: 1974-2000.

Currently Bonequi starts a Radio Program at Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico focused on works of young experimental musicians. In parallel he works as regular professor of 3d animation for Universities, cg-art director and senior 3d artist.


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