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Ute Wassermann is a composer/performer and interpreter of contemporary music. "Ute Wassermann has developed many special multivoiced vocal techniques, catalogued by register, timbre and articulative sequences which may be deconstructed and/or superimposed and used to explore spatial resonance phenomena. (Freedom of the City)" Since 1984 she developed many special multivoiced vocal techniques,

She has collaborated frequently with composers who have created works especially for her voice, including Henning Christiansen, Richard Barrett, Chaya Czernowin, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Sven Åke Johansson, Ana Maria Rodriguez and has performed with many ensembles and orchestras including ASKO, KNM Berlin, ELISION, and Münchener Kammerorchester.



Klaus Kürvers born 1950 in Essen (Germany), doublebass studies 1964-68 among others with Peter Trunk. During the late sixties member of the Essen Youth Symphony Orchestra and also at the same time of different amateur Jazz groups (“Free Jazz” since 1967); 1969-71 in Cologne with the Jazz-Rock-Group “Eiliff” (w/Rainer Brüninghaus).

Interrupted 1972-2006 his public music activities for his studies and professional scientific career as an architect and cultural historian in Berlin. Since 2006 resumption of his musical activities as part of the Berlin improvisers scene.


Julian Bonequi ( 1974 ) is a self-taught mexican artist working mostly with noise and extreme improvisation since 1995. Curator and project manager of Audition Records, has performed as drummer under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, London Improvisers Orchestra, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra...

Bonequi currently is devoted in promote and produce projects related to improvised and electroacoustic experimental and realtime music in Berlin.


Els Vandeweyer is a Belgian vibraphonist and composer currently living in Berlin, who specialises in exploring the middle-ground between classical, jazz and free improvised music. In Portugal she co-founded the IMI Kollektief quintet. In Oslo she worked with Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love. After Norway, Ken Vandermark invited her to spend a few weeks performing in Chicago and so she played with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Kent Kessler, Tim Daisy and Jeff Parker among many others.

"Unafraid of tradition, the IMI Kollektief mines rich territory with Vandeweyer's vibes evoking the experimental zeal of the more adventurous 1960's Prestige and Blue Note sessions." – All About Jazz.


Mat Pogo, vocals. Born in Rome and resident in Berlin. In the 90′s he was one of the founder members of the Burp Enterprise collective and Jealousy Party, one of the most advanced musical units in Italy, mixing with personal touch soul, improv, avant rock, noise and error music.

 In the years he developed his own language as a singer/voice-artist using his experience as a rock singer, an improviser and radio-artist where music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse constantly.








Ute Wassermann
Voice [Germany]

Klaus Kürvers
Double bass [Germany]

Julian Bonequi
Toy drums and voice [Mexico]


Els Vandenweyer
Vibraphone [Belgium]

Mat Pogo
Voice [Italy]



Natural feedback around primitive noises, emotional instability, semantic landscapes and cathartic explosions and even alienated as an act of concentration.

Brief history:

The project born as a duo after some previous rehearsals in the winter 2010/2011 with Els Vandeweyer. Since september 2011, Klaus Kürvers and Julian Bonequi started playing again establishing certain abstract guidelines and open rules in addition to the main concept of sound having some spontaneous collaborations with the italian singer, Mat Pogo.