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A. V. Heras
Graphic Designer & Art Director | Audition Records Berlin



A. V. Heras (Sigüenza Spain, 1980). Degree in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad de Barcelona), working on design and advertisement since more than ten years. Former member and designer of NK projekt - an artist run independent non-profit organization dedicated to Sound Arts, developing the visual identity of the project, its concert series and workshops.

Has worked on several music-related projects like the OpenSound European Network and NK, and designed for projects such as the Supercollider Symposium, “11” concert series, Seminaris Sonors (L'ull Cec), Kontraklang Contemporary Music Concert Series, Eye for an Ear Festival, among others.

Audition Records founder member since 2010.

Indexed photo, cover art by A.V. Heras "INTERNATIONAL DATABASE 2010-2015", Audition Records.


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