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Jérémie Pujau
Videographer | Audition Records Berlin



Jérémie Pujau born in Juvisy-sur-Orge, south suburb of Paris, in 1982. Jérémie studied installation and video at the EESI (European Superior School of Image) in France. After his studies, specialized himself into music videos and in particular in experimental music alongside his personnal art work. He lives and works since 2010 in Berlin, and collaborates with Salon Bruit since 2013.

"A natural enemy of illutionists", Jérémie documents on video with a discret "multi-cam" system that allows to bring an intimate dimension to concert documentation breaking down the distance between the audience and performers by allowing an enhanced level of appreciation and understanding of how the sound is made. Videographer of the Quota;unquota Episodes, an ongoing documentary film focused on female soloists and artists working in Berlin.

Audition Records member since 2013.

Indexed photo by Martin Dudek. "De la poule ou de l'oeuf" for Free.Space Festival, Vienna.


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