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NEWS February 17, 2020:
We feel really thankful for all these years sharing in Mexico.
Follow our curatorial journey and on-site projects back to Berlin -> Hybrid Arts Lab.
And for the Hybrid Arts Lab previous documentation catch up here -> AIR-MEXICO 2013-2019


About Us


The project was born in Berlin in 2010 as a documentary platform and curatorial initiative specialized in real-time compositional processes and experimental art.

In 2013 in Mexico City, we would begin with the remodeling of a 1946 house with the intention of making it the base of operations of the project, and as part of our activities and exploration, the program of Artistic Residencies was created.


Some of the artists that we have supported as they pass through our country are the Norwegian trio MOE, Valentina Vuksic (Zurich), Vinyl Terror & Horror (Denmark), Tzii (Brussels), and we counted as collaborators and/ort Residents of the Laboratory with Jealousy Party (Berlin), Klaus Filip (Vienna), Birgit Ulher (Hamburg), AG Davis (Florida), Joachim Montessuis (Paris), Scott Cazan (Los Angeles), Alma Laprida (Buenos Aires), and national artists, Alejandra Contreras And Tania Bello, Juanjose Rivas (Volta) and Rogelio Sosa (Aural), among many others.



Conclusions on Metaphysical Sound Art and Voice Transformation by Joachim Montessuis | Art Intervention and Workshop



What we Do


The Hybrids Arts Laboratory [Laboratorio Artes Híbridas] is an integral research project around the curatorial practice, the production in artistic residences and the editorial development as a creative experience.

We have held workshops, exhibitions, meetings and presentations such as the 1st Meeting of Women in Sound Art Experimentation in collaboration with Alma Laprida (Buenos Aires), and "Conclusions on Metaphysical Sound Art and Voice Transformation" by Joachim Montessuis (Paris), to name a few.

The Hybrids Arts Laboratory was officially born on December 26, 2015, in the celebration of our 6th Anniversary and is located in the northern part of the city, just a few minutes from the monument to the Race [Monumento a La Raza].

But what do we do?


Image Selection from Art In Releases Collection - a experimental editorial project produced by the Hybrids Arts Laboratory in collaboration with our guests.


As part of the nomadic original style of the platform and the constant metamorphosis and the evolution of the projects, we have moved from documenting the international experimental scene in Europe and Mexico, organizing series concerts in small cinemas and venues in Berlin, or bringing with us the studio to the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum, or hosting radio blind-improvised music- dates in the Center of Digital Culture... as many other collaborations that have been forged since then, the same with the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts of Morelia, the Museum of the City of Querétaro, the Chopo Museum, to curate for the Akouphène Festival in Geneva.

All of this is already part of the main core and project's intrinsic memory::

We are a research project with editorial purposes that seeks to strengthen the relationship in the processes of artistic production from beginning to end, promoting the development of Mexican experimental art at the international level, as well as a metamorphic vision without borders as a project fostering critical thinking, polysemy and 'creative miscegenation'.

Since the founding of the platform in 2010, we have collaborated with more than 800 artists on a legitimate need that shares experimental thinking, research and creative development as human beings.

We invite you to visit and share our catalog in ART IN RELEASES, or, to follow our program of residences AIR-MEXICO, in this new cycle of experiences as Laboratorio Artes Híbridas


Julian Bonequi
April 2017



Archive 2015-2016







A curatorial project by Julian Bonequi



AIR-MEXICO 2013-2019