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RAM Series #05 | 21.09.2012

FREDRIK OLOFSSON | “redShift” Graphics generated from the spectrum of the sound

Fredrik Olofsson has studied composition at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm.
“Code and programming is a fundamental part of Fredrik Olofsson’s life and work. Most of his activities revolve around computers and what they can and cannot do. Solo works include the audiovisual performance piece redUniform where the core part was developed during a six months residency at IAMAS, Japan. Collaborations include twelve years with the group MusicalFieldsForever making interactive art for museums, exhibitions and public spaces. He is also working as a researcher on the Rhyme project up in Norway and teaches at the computational art class at UdK here in Berlin.



RAM Series #10 | 16.11.2012

GIANFRANCO BONADIES | digital cut out, motion graphics and 3D elements.
Music: Sonic Caterpillar by Loup [ar060]

Gianfranco Bonadies born in Italy. He’s an illustrator with a strong background working as motionographer and 3d artist for various animated productions: from television series to projection mapping events, advertisement and movies. He writes and illustrates children's books, designs, animates and directs animations. Gianfranco uses different techniques ranging from 3D graphics and motion graphics programs to inks, paints and watercolors. He loves to collect textures. His work focuses on psychedelic childhood environments.



RAM Series #07 | 17.08.2012

The Great Nordic Sword Fights (US) 3d & Motion Graphics [ screening ] | Commissioned animation with L'esprit De L´escalier, Music by Jorge Sad & Gest(u)alt Ensamble. Drums by Claudio Eiriz. L' espirit de l' escalier, from Retransmisión, work based on "Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu" by Antonin Artaud. Samples taken from A.A. [Modisti-Audition Records]

The Great Nordic Sword Fights today direct videos, installations, fashion and visual voyages into a sometimes serious and a lot of times nonsensical marriage of interactive technologies and visual motion experiences. "We are a multimedia story-teller involved from concept to product. We explore the now and predict the future."

The Great Nordic Sword Fights have been featured in XLR8R, MTV Playground, FADER, LA Record, LA Weekly, Rhizome, New Puppy Gallery, i[s]o Magazine, Friends of Friends Records, Scheld'apen (Belgium), 2Pause (NL), LA Music Video Fest, and other conquerings here and there on the world wide web.




RAM Series #03 | 16.03.2012

Alessandra Leone (Milán, 1983) currently is based in Berlin. Motion graphic designer and self taught programmer, highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality... exploring new solutions for experimental mapping installations and immersive environments.

For this serie Alessandra worked for one month in a new piece inspired and with music (excerpt) of the concert in Prague, in 2005 by Emiter & Arszyn [[ar054] AUDIO TONG Radical Poland II ... particles reacting structures evolving and taking life.



RAM Series #02 | 16.03.2012

Julio Clavijo is a mexican motion graphic designer and as musician has improvised with John Zorn, Yoshida Tatsuya, Zero Point... and is currently working at Frame ( in Copenhagen.

Music: Maquinaria Del Ansia by the composer Rogelio Sosa, compiled in Audition Records catalogue - [ar038] ELECTROACOUSTIC MEXICO 1960-2007



RAM Series #08 | 21.09.2012

ARTURO CASTRO | openframeworks · CAROLINA ROMANO | video processing

Some of the projects Arturo was involved: In 2012 he developed in collaboration with Kyle McDonald Faces , an interactive installation result of the work on face substitution. The piece resembles a mirror where people get their face swapped. 2009-2011: part of the team of the acclaimed Reactable ... Tutor of Interactivos Belo Horizonte at Marginalia Lab, along with Kiko Mayorga and Fernando Rabelo (2010). Computer vision workshop with Joel Gethin Lewis at Goldsmiths University (2010). Openframeworks workshop at imal (Brussels) and introduction during ART AND CODE simposium at Carnegie Mellon with Zachary Lieberman and Theodore Watson (2009). Creative coding with openFrameworks workshop at Laboral with Chris Sugrue (2009). Openframeworks workgroup at hangar (2008-2009). J2EE frameworks, php, actionscript... operating systems, networks, C ...



RAM Series #01 | 03.02.2012

BEST BEFORE UNU (GR). Commissioned animation | Electronics & Realtime Animation.

unu (Antonis Anissegos, music) and best before (Andreas Karaoulanis, animation) met in March 2010 on stage at a Festival in Thessaloniki, following the invitation of the festival director to perform together. The match was instant and after the success of their performance, they decided to form the duo best before unu.

Antonis Anissegos, pianist, composer and electronic musican. Andreas Karaoulanis comes from a Computer Science and Animation background.


RAM Series #06 | 20.07.2012

NZNZ (AR) Procedural Animation | Emmanuel Pidré (a.k.a NZNZ) is a self-taught programmer, digital artist, graphic designer, VJ and Software Art enthusiast. His work is between the tangible and abstract and investigates the escence of the form, the color and the transformation. Seeking the beauty of the construction and the destruction. Using generative algorithms executing in real time and normally modified by a system of rules.

Music: Ofer Smilansky (Concert excerpt - From the compilation [ar058] WONDERWERP. Studio Loos | The Hague 2010-2011.


RAM Series #04 | 18.05.2012

Namtes (PERU, Berlin): animation | Music by LOUP (FR)

Audition Records catalogue - [ar060] LOUP | The Opening



BERLIN, QUELQUE PART is kindly supported by INM, Senat von Berlin,
Agence Culturelle Dordogne Perigord & Region Aquitaine France.

Berlin Quelque Part: KRISTOF GUEZ video | CHRIS HEENAN contrabass clarinet | MARC PICHELIN synth & phonography | CHRISTOPER WILLIAMS contrabass




Curated by Julian Bonequi.
Produced by Philip Morris & Bonequi.
Special thanks to Seamus O'Donnell and Salon Bruit.


Vinyl Terror & Horror
Hans Tammen
Andrea Belfi
Derek Shirley
Hilary Jeffery
Ansgar Wilken
Els Vandeweyer
Jürg Bariletti
Hannes Lingens
Michelle Yom
Best Before Unu
Anaïs Tuerlinckx
Dafna Naphtali
Fredrik Olofsson
Anthea Caddy
Gilles Aubry
Liz Allbee
Zeger Vandenbussche


Gianfranco Bonadies
The Great Nordic Swords Fights
Alessandra Leone
Julio Clavijo
Arturo Castro & Carolina Romano
Andreas Karaoulanis