Realtime Music Archives


In the beginning Realtime Music Archives was a project developed for and by Audition Records, as a second step to built a documentary character bookstore compiling collections in many European cities. Then we started triggering in Audition Records the retrospectives as (11th years of Experimental Music, Vienna), Re:konstrukt (Improvised Music Label, Istanbul), Salon Bruit ( Retrospective 2002-2011), Electroacoustic Mexico 1960-2007 or Radical Poland 1998-2011, and we decided to stop RTMA project as part of Audition Records.

Now, RTMA site is the personal channel of dissemination of Julian Bonequi's music and research as soloist and improviser. And here we have recordings of live sessions and performances with good friends and amazing musicians.
This is an exercise and a prototype for future projects. THIS IS AN ANTI-NET-LABEL PROJECT and we will publish also some reviews, essays and reflections about the dead of netlabels perhaps in the not so far future.
Thanks as always to all the musicians and artists involved.

With RTMA we emphasize our belief. We don´t make net-releases, we think in terms of documentation and with this philosophy we compile these works.

Latest Documents

BUY Tabla y Cuchillo, Berlin 2012
BUY The Blind Date, Berlin 11
Reflexiones Acústicas, Austria 2011
Ultraspießer, Berlin 2010
Angry Lords, Berlin|Krems|Bcn 2011