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Angry Lords 01-07/11

Catalogue number [arm005]
Collection Solos
Title SeƱores Enojados
Date 2011
Data of release 30/07/2011
Format mp3
Lenght 27:47 min
Localization Berlin, Krems, Barcelona
Recorded by Mauro Martinuz, El Pricto, Julian Bonequi
Contact rtma[at]auditionrecords[dot]com

Angry Lords:

Julian Bonequi, drums, objects, microphones & voice

Tracks 4,6 recorded at NK, mixed and mastered by Mauro Martinez. Berlin 18/01/11
Tracks 3,7,9 recorded mixed and mastered by El Pricto at The Hodge Podge, Barcelona. 16/07/2011.
Tracks 1,2,5,8,10 recorded, mixed and mastered in AiR-Krems, Austria on February 2011. From the project: drums are not drums. Unspoken words into organic visions.

Special thanks to Aniana Heras, Mauro, Farahnaz Hatam,Julian Percy, El Pricto, Jo Aichinger & Sabine Gueldenfusz



This Work is under a Creative Commons License 3.0 Creative Commons License