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Reflexiones Acústicas 15/12/11

Catalogue number [arm007]
Collection Solos
Title Reflexiones Acústicas
Date 15/02/11
Data of release 23/02/2012
Format mp3
Lenght 23:30 min
Localization AIR-Krems,Austria
Recorded by bonequi
Contact rtma[at]auditionrecords[dot]com

Reflexiones Acústicas:

Instant compositions and abstract solos playing with different materials.

Objects to consider as potential sound tools and sonorities approach out from traditional instruments, or in addition to them as the main instrument. Resonators and natural amplifiers.

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Recorded at AIR-Krems, Austria. 15-22.02.2011.
Track 2, 9 Berlin 2010. Illustration by bonequi

Special thanks to Jo Aichinger & Sabine Gueldenfusz.


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