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The Blind Date 09/11/11

Catalogue number [arm008]
Collection Concerts
Title Blind Date
Date 09/11/11
Data of release 06/05/2012
Format MP3 320, FLAC ...
Length 22:09 min
Localization Altes Finanzamt,Berlin
Recorded by Klaus Kürvers
Contact rtma[at]auditionrecords[dot]com

The Blind Date:

Olivier di Placido - electric guitar
Julio Clavijo - electric guitar
Julian Bonequi - amplified drums and voice

Recorded by Klaus Kürvers on 9th november 2011 at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin. Mastered and edited by Bonequi. Art by Julio Clavijo.

Special thanks to Jorge Goncalves and Altes Finanzamt for their support. And to Klaus Kürvers, Simon Rose and Jürg Bariletti.

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